• Make sure that you have consent, from all people featured in your photos, to submit to and be featured on the Truckslutsmag Instagram.

  • Send high-res photos where possible: 300dpi for digital, for film just make sure the scans have good detail.

  • Photos must include a slut & a truck. Cool vans, vintage wagons, and tractors/farm equipment are also acceptable.

  • Please tell a story about why you love your truck! Or why the truck you're with means something to you!

  • Be patient! We're processing submissions as fast as we can!


  • NO white-supremacist themes or imagery. Examples include hella sus runes, weird old nazi biker stickers, shit glorifying colonization, gross patriotism garbage, etc.

  • NO body shaming themes or imagery. At Truckslutsmag, all bodies are valid, hot, and slutty.

  • NO TERF garbage. This includes all forms of bioessentialism, such as using terminology like "male/female bodied," to give an example.

  • NO appropriative shit like white ppl in headdresses or white dreads.

  • NO Trumper, imperialist, thin-blue-line, punisher skull, hoo-rah, bullshit.