How do I submit a photo to y'all's Instagram?​

Just head to the submissions tab in the menu right up there ^^^ OR click HERE.


Who are y'all? How can I collaborate on a project with y'all?

From 2016 to 2019, the main creative force behind Truckslutsmag was Bunny, a truck driving, tomboyish trans woman from the s/sw. In 2020, Spencer and Rachel joined the curatorial and editorial team, and it now operates as a team effort. We're always on the lookout for collaborators, so if you have some good ideas and run a thematically congruent instagram and/or other media empire, please send an email to!

Payment & Shipping

Orders will be shipped out as soon as possible (usually within the week), so take that into account when you place your order. All payments must be processed through this site.


Secure Ordering & Payment Options

We use Square to process credit card payments securely. We also accept PayPal.


Returns & Refunds

We want y'all to be happy with your purchases! If you're not completely stoked on what you ordered, please let us know and we'll work with you to make it right! Please note, that due to the small scale of Truckslutsmag, all of our items are handmade and might show slight imperfections or variations from what is shown on the site. We think that this is cool, and is akin to the timeless patina on a 1972 Datsun 620. Lastly, because it costs about the same to make a sticker as it costs to sell/ship a sticker, there are no returns or refunds on those particular items. Thanks for understanding~



Keep on Truckin'